Monday, February 1, 2016

How does your membership grow?

The trend on professional body member recruitment seems to be a mixed picture.
The Ashridge Communications Member Engagement study last year showed a retention mean of 88% (not including those lapsing due to retirement, death or ceasing to be students) so professional bodies are working with an average 12% replacement recruitment target each year before thinking of growth.
PARN’s last benchmarking study across 357 professional bodies showed average membership of 31,000 down from 37,000 over a 5 year period.
Increasing member acquisition is the main goal mentioned in the last two Memberwise Harnessing the Web survey reports.
We know of some professional bodies doing well others having more of a challenge. Some also found that it was hard for them to identify how much they spent on member recruitment so difficult to measure ROI. ‘It’s wrapped up in other things’ said one.

So what is really happening here? What does best practice look like?

Friday, August 16, 2013

How do membership fee increase affect attrition?

Has anyone done any research/calculations/modelling to gauge how much their membership attrition might increase as a result of increasing membership fees? 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Spreading DD payments - charge or not?

I am working on a paper to launch paperless DD (we already have DD). One sticking point is the issue of charging for spreading payments, say over three consecutive months. Does anyone charge at all?

How do we avoid tedious CPD form prinitng

For every conference we still print out hundreds of cpd certificates for delegates to collect at the end of the meeting. Most of them don't and we end up creating them manually, converting to pdfs and sending as email attachments. This is so wasteful of paper/printing and layout! 

Online learning courses as a membership benefit? To charge or not to charge....?

We are wanting to introduce online learning courses to our members. What I'd like to hear form you is if you do this, do you charge your members for the courses, or is it free as part of their membership fee? If so how much do you charge? It'd be really helpful to hear how you guys do it.